AI-Innovated technological solution processing datas of CV in human resources

Techainer’s CVChain is an AI-innovated information extraction system that has the ability to accurately extract and arrange information from complicated documents such as resumes.

Major solution connecting job-seekers with recruiters, enhancing the success rates of both parties.


Receive CV And Process CV’s Layout Fast

Receive and process initial input of CV automatically, flexibly

CVChain provides tools to handle the problem of processing CVs initially

CVChain has the ability to read and absorb datas from CV flexibly, similar to the way recruiters directly read and get information from CV.

Process Information Of Job-seekers Accurately And Effectively

Save time and cost of recruitment, enhance accuracy of the process of analysing and extracting information

Arrange data input logically.

Analyse data and extract important, valuable information, related to education, skills,experience,...

Enhance efficiency of the assessment process, with the function of automatically determining information that is compatible with the job.

Classify Information And Extract Data Into Common, Favourable Format

Classify, group information and extract results fast, efficient, supporting the process of searching and assessing candidates’ data easily

Classify key information into meaningful groups that are similar, specific and easily traceable.

Determine specific periods corresponding to specific work or experience, supporting recruiters in understanding candidates rather than just work titles.

Extract final data into common formats that are convenient, easily traceable and assessed among candidates.



  • Job-Seekers

    Enhanced job opportunities when the information of personal advantages and potential could be connected with recruiters. Receive proper advice and recommendations from Job-search websites, when CVs are processed into valuable key information by CVChain.
  • Recruiters

    Extract important information of candidates’ CVs accurately and fast Assessment process becomes transparent thanks to comparizing key data among resumes of potential candidates. Save time and cost of recruitment.