What is e-KYC?

E-KYC is a technological solution which helps financial institutions/ banking/insurance organizations to identify and verify their customers automatically without face-to-face meetings. It can be used in cases:

Online account registration

Customer inputs information at counter


Benefits to Customers

For Corporates
  • Minimize risk of cheating when registering online service
  • Ensured to meet legal requirements
  • Bring excellent experiences to customers
  • Minimize error during operation
  • Reduce employees’ workload in terms of customers verification
For Customers
  • Register anytime & anywhere
  • Simple and fast registration process
  • Limit errors and mistakes during registration

EKYC solutions are designed based on 3 main modules

Facial recognition system

Facial recognition system is developed based on the function of determining and verifying facial zones of a person from digital images. With its ability to compare previous personal images with real faces, the system has the ability to detect two-faced images. Moreover, facial recognition systems can predict age, gender and emotion according to facial gestures.

Administration system

Administration system plays a key role in controlling versions for modules, tracing, overviewing efficiency of hardware, deployment and caching. This module also helps scale the system automatically and evenly during waiting matching when needed. It also consists of the facial data administration system that stores and verifies faces from millions of different faces, differentiating old and new customers, identifying VIP customers.

Information extraction system

Information extraction system provides tools to identify and scan images from various types of card, namely, identity card, passport, driving license, occupation cards, bills, especially in Vietnamese, Japanese and English. This system also helps detect expired and fake cards, minimizing fraud.

Advantages of e-KYC

High accuracy

Modules’ accuracy of Master E-KYC is over 95%.

High Speed

Matching time is less than 3s.

Good Scale capability

System is scaled automatically and evenly during waiting matching when needed.

Easy integration

Easy to integrate into systems and be able to develop based on AI modules independently and the same administration base.

High customization

Be able to operate on cloud computing or internal hosts without depending on the Internet; can also be customized flexibly according to specific standards of security of banks.

Good Stability

Operate on Kubernetes in short time and has a high availability and disaster recovery (Backup continually, able to change flexibly).

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